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Why Style

Property Styling is an essential element in presenting your property for sale. It provides a point of difference and enhancement visually with your marketing photography which is the first time buyers see your property. Furnished and styled homes showcase how each room can be used and give the excitement and aspiration of living in your home. People can find it hard to visualise how much space each room offers, a furnished room actually feels bigger than an emptier one and is engaging and exciting when beautifully presented. 

We have repeatedly found with similar properties in similar locations that are on the market at the same time that Property Styling brings enormous benefits to the sale of a property. These benefits typically include a better Sale Price and a quicker Sale. Of course there are no guarantees in life, however we regularly see returns on investments such as 10x the cost of the Property Styling (a $6,000 investment often returns a minimum $60,000 uplift in the Sale Price).  Even partly-styled properties yield excellent returns by dressing beds, and tweaking furniture to provide a fresh appealing style. 

Once buyers have decided upon the suburb and approximate location of their next home, its size, statistics (how many bedrooms, bathrooms etc) and their budget, then the  buying process becomes emotional. The excitement they feel walking into a beautifully presented home greatly enhances their positiveness about the property, they are buying the dream, the style, the feel of fun times ahead! 

Property Styling is undeniably one of the best investments one can make in the sale of one's property and is an expectation buyers have come to expect from savvy vendors.