Other Services

Pravda Group provide several other services in addition to Premium Property Styling;


In many cases, clients have been living in their homes for a significant period of time. The evolving stages of life one lives in a home, accumulates belongings not longer used or required, superfluous furnishings and memorabilia. The idea of sorting through the accumulated items can be stressful, overwhelming and time consuming. 

HOWEVER....like anything, there is a process to sorting it out. There are items that are best kept and some that are best removed. Whilst some clients may not need any additional furniture or styling they do appreciate understanding how to work through the rooms and how best to sort them out. Pravda Group offer a De-cluttering Consultation service (for a fixed fee) and can spend an hour, a few hours, or a day to assess each room, listing items to be removed, stored, thrown out or relocated. Each item can be labelled and listed for the client to manage, or Pravda can extend the service to organise rubbish removal, transportation to second-hand furniture stores or storage facilities. 

Wrapping and Packing 

Whether it is age, health or time that prevents our clients from being able to wrap and pack their belongings into boxes in readiness for a move, our enthusiastic and experienced team can wrap and pack. Pravda Group can also arrange packaging materials and boxes for our clients as an end to end service. Costs for this are typically based on hourly rates in addition to the cost of the packaging materials. 

Temporary Storage Facilities 

One of most popular services embraced by our clients is assistance with moving goods temporarily into storage facilities. Pravda Group are affiliated with four transport companies and two storage facilities.  The first step is for a transport company to visit our client's property, quote on the transport costs, including the wrapping of pictures and large upholstered items (if required). Once engaged (directly by the client), they collect the client's items and transport them to one of the storage facilities (also paid directly by the Client) where they are unloaded and stored until they are required. One facility is ideal for temporary short term hire and provides 24 hour secure, under cover access. The other storage facility is ideal for large volumes of furniture, stored in containers that can be delivered to the house and filled, then collected several days later and stored remotely until being required to be returned. 

Payments are made directly between the client and the transport company and storage facilities as often either can be long term arrangements.