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FAQ's  by our Clients

Q. "What do I need to do"? 

A. We provide a Client action list in our quote which provides you a checklist to work from. It includes a list of items to be relocated or removed or any cosmetic works required to be carried out. This should be completed prior to the day of the installation of the hire furniture so that the spaces are clear and clean ready for the Pravda Group to weave their magic. 

Q: "How long does the Styling process take on the day and when will the trucks arrive"? 

A: The trucks will typically arrive at the property between 8 and 9.00am in the morning. The process then takes another 3-5 hours on average, or the whole day for a large vacant house

Q: "Do I have to be there when you are doing the Styling"?

A: No, as long as we have access (via you letting us in, us collecting a key from you prior or an agent providing access), we do not require any assistance from you on the day. 

Q:How long do I hire the furniture for and what happens if I sell early, can I get a refund or can you pick it up earlier?

A: We provide you with up to 6-week hire, 2 of the 6 weeks are free (1 at the start to enable the photos to be taken prior to going on the market, and one at the end to enable pick up after the sale). The whole fee is paid in advance of the installation. There is no refund on the period of hire. If you sell early, then we can pick up the furniture prior to the end of 6 weeks. 


Q: Can I extend the hire if I need to?

A: Yes you can extend your hire weekly or by the month, the later being less expensive per week as there is less admin. The extension amount is shown in your quote. If you hire for an additional month and sell during that period, then we round up to the nearest week and credit you back the balance of the fee. 


Q: How much notice do I need to give you before using your services?

A: The earlier you can let us know the better, as we can think ahead to your furniture needs and be mindful of stock. However, we can't reserve any specific furniture for you until the full payment is received. Once this is received, we reserve all furniture and accessories for your job.